Fiber Production Line - Zhangjiagang Yongxing Machinery
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(PSF, 3000T/Y-50000T/Y) Polyester Solid/Hollow Conjugated Staple Fiber Production Line
This line is a high tension fiber production line. It can produce high tension polyester staple fiber (1.2-33D) Solid fiber….

(3,000T/Y-20,000T/Y) PP Fiber One-Step Production Line
PP fiber production line is mainly used to produce PP staple fiber from the PP chips. The finished product is PP staple fiber of 1.5 Den. to 15 Den….

(3,000T/Y-15,000T/Y) Composite fiber (ES composite fiber, Sea-island composite fiber) Production Line
Bi-Component fiber is one kind of multi-component fiber, on the cross section of fiber exists two or more than two no mix polymer fiber. …

(3,000T/Y-50,000T/Y) PET High Tenacity and Low Elongation Fiber Production Line
It can produce polyester staple fiber (1.2-33D) Solid and 3-dimensional conjugated fiber (3D-15D Hollow)….